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Fibromyalgia and cure?

” I dwell in possibilities”, Emily Dickinson

The death of Mary Travers of the  Peter, Paul and Mary trio this week saddened me. Last evening I watched a PBS documentary on them which I had seen before. However, watching it again had a profound effect on me. Tomorrow is International Peace Day and I began to reminisce about the past and all they had accomplished in their lifetimes of social activism. How did they continue this phenomenal work, day after day, year after year without giving up hope for a better world? A world with exquisite beauty much of which is constantly being bombarded by destruction. quilts 014

I am of the view that those of us with fibromyalgia ‘feel things too deeply’ and are unable to let go of the pain of our lives or of the world. Yet I looked into the eyes of those three phenomenal people and others featured in the documentary and have known how they too deeply felt the pain of the social issues that plague the world. How do some ‘let go’ of personal and social trauma, (not to mean they do not care but do not let it seriously affect their health) and others become unable to let it go and suffer? This question can only be answered by more research into the ‘psyche’  and nervous system of the highly sensitive person because until we understand this phenomenon there will be no cure.

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