The causes of fibromyalgia


“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom”, SØREN  KIEGKEGAARD

People have wounds and challenges we cannot see. This is why fibromyalgia is an invisible dis-ease of the central nervous system.

Fibromyalgia will occur in specific personality types:

1. The individual will be a highly-sensitive person, feeling things too deeply

2. The individual will be a highly anxious person

3. The individual will have suffered difficult past and/or present trauma/s

4. The individual will be a hyper-vigilant person, that is,experience a profound feeling of  impending danger

5. The individual will have a hyper-aroused central nervous system

6. The individual will have triggers that bring on feelings of  fearfulness

7. The individual will be an overly empathetic person, a caregiver and very intuitive

8. The individual will catastrophize easily and be prone to panic attacks

9. The individual will have been a high achiever, in a hurry, impatient for things to be organized

10. This individual will have full blown fibromyalgia after a crisis such as an accident, death, divorce or any kind of violence.

As we approach December 21, the darkest day:



7 thoughts on “The causes of fibromyalgia

  1. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Thank you, Margaret!!I believe it is an accurate description of all fibro suffers. I hope the weather in the UK is not as cold as it suddenly became here in Nova Scotia! Happy solstice, that is, more light that we all need right now in our lives-particularly women and other marginalized groups of people. The world seems very grim , but we have always carried on and while we have challenges with this frustrating condition we are survivors!
    It is difficult to say but-happy new year.

  2. SanMarie

    Blessed holidays to you, Barbara. Your writings have been a source of knowledge and comfort for many; your book was a great help to me. I’m glad you are posting more often again (as long as you are up to it.)
    May I request more pictures of your Nova Scotia? And, though you always seek to shine a light on others, I want you to know your own experiences and memories are very important, interesting, and welcomed.

  3. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Oh, my dear SanMarie: Thank you so much for your lovely comments. As I was this minute writing about sexual abuse and violence in a new blog, your comment just came in.I have avoided overt political blogs these many years but I can no longer keep quiet. My view is that many of us have experienced sexual violence of some sort, even if it is “just” groping (I say this with tongue in cheek), and it has contributed tremendously towards our tendency to develop this fibromyalgia condition.
    It has been a difficult year trying to recover from the hip replacement as all surgeries affect fibro, as you know. I am feeling stronger these days and writing more.So stay tuned!
    Will indeed post more of my photos of this beautiful Canadian province! Thanks for asking!

  4. Monalea Hutchins

    I am now 71 years old and have been living with fibromyalgia for many years. Thinking back I have always been a very sensitive person and Hyper vigilant. In my young adulthood I suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks, probably over a span of ten years some years more severe and persistent than others. Up until menopause I had frequent headaches and migraines. These evened out after that but I gradually developed arthritis in most of my joints and fibromyalgia. I agree that I have had most of the symptoms that you have outlined and think your remarks about the causes of fibromyalgia are spot-on not that that tells us what to do about it but there are things we can attempt as you say. I look forward to reading your posts. It helps to know you are not alone. Thank you and happy New Year

  5. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Monalea:
    Wonderful to hear from you. Anxiety and panic attacks are so common among fibromyalgia that I can’t understand why some researchers are still searching for some kind of virus, hormonal or bacterial cause. We all (without exception) have similar backgrounds and many of which are related to early childhood trauma, loss of a parent, divorce of a parent, abuse…the list seems endless.The issues that can cause anxiety in us differ from those who don’t have fibromyalgia and aren’t hyper-sensitive.After all these years writing over 125 blogs I can attest to the same stories over and over. Meditate, be mindful, light exercise and any kind of movement to change the brain pathway, talk therapy are a few of the strategies that help, but once we have this diagnosis we are never cured, BUT we can reduce the symptoms.
    I wish you joy in the new year. Stay as calm as possible and remember that this is a stressful time of the year so reduce the time spent in excitement.

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