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Fibromyalgia and Living in a Chaotic World

“Courage is resistance to fear, mastery of fear-not absence of fear”, Mark Twain

All of us with fibromyalgia suffer from repressed emotions, and are coping with over stimulation and sensory processing sensitivity. Never has it been so challenging as it has been in the past months with the chaos in the world that we hear of almost none stop in the media. What is to be done? We can’t continue to watch the news on a regular basis without feeling the brunt of world wide fear, anxieties, hatred, rage, and turmoil. We also can’t hide in isolation from outside influences. We are situated betwixt and between our own personal lifelong anxieties and fearful for the volatile and chaotic nature of current politics.

I have grappled with the knowledge that we with fibromyalgia have certain personality characteristics in common while at the same time there are many differences among us. Many of us are introverts while needing to be around people on our own terms; we crave peace and quiet. Others are extroverts and at the same time are easily over stimulated. But, we all have in common our anxiety, hyper-vigilance, and an overly emphatic, highly sensitive nature. For those reasons we are sensitive to injustice. We are intuitive about the good and the bad in others and quick to judge ourselves, particularly if we believe we are not courageous. We live in fear we will be found lacking in strength of character, deriding ourselves over even mentioning our chronic symptoms of pain and fatigue.

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