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Fibromyalgia and pain management strategies

” These are exciting and challenging times for the manual therapy professions. I believe that the pain science world is handing extremely valuable information to clinicians. We now have a greater understanding of the behaviour of pain states and we are becoming aware of the molecular targets of manual therapy” , David S. Butler

Dear readers, I apologize for not writing a blog last month, but I have been sick with a cold that would not abate. Nonetheless, as usual I have still been pondering about the many issues that plague those of us with this demon that can be so debilitating. I search constantly for strategies that could be effective for pain management and my readings and searches often  take me to places I had not been before. But no matter where I research I come back to pain and the brain and evidence/research based strategies. I will never find the cure for my own chronic pain. It is a question of what practices work somewhat and which ones would do more harm. Most importantly how  I can  avoid flare-ups and not to identify myself as my pain to the point where I don’t move coming from a place of fear.

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