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Anxiety and Mindfulness: Relevance to Fibromyalgia

” Anxiety can come over you without any event or stimulation triggering it”, Andrew Safer

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Developing fibromyalgia as a child

“Over-controlled by anxious, fearful parents, these children often become anxious and fearful themselves”, Susan Forward Recently a commentator on one of the blogs wanted more of my personal information. She said that I was prone to write about others rather … Continue reading

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Fibromyalgia, my unquiet mind

” The mind is the most capricious of insects-flitting, fluttering”, Virginia Woolf Sit quietly for a minute and imagine this stream with leaves quietly floating by in the water.

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Fibromyalgia and the tendency toward anxiety

“When anxious people anticipate something bad about to happen- such as being confronted with creepy pictures of snakes or spiders- their right frontal insulas go into overdrive”, Blakeslee and Blakeslee Many of us with fibromyalgia can remember childhood as the … Continue reading

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Fibromyalgia: ‘Women’ and ‘Men’ Differences?

“The happiest women, like the happiest nations, have no history”, George Eliot I have based my unproven theory about why more women than men are diagnosed with fibromyalgia upon a feminist analysis of the political and cultural roles of women in societies in … Continue reading

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Fibromyalgia- anxiety embodied

” The truly gripping thing about anxiety had always been how physical it was”, Daniel Smith I have little doubt, but no absolute proof, that anxiety is the root cause of fibromyalgia. I know many anxious persons who do not have … Continue reading

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Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue:Medically Unexplained Symptoms (MUS)

“Open your heart to your suffering”, Toni Bernhard   There can be little doubt that those of us with fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue have challenges that have forced us to live life differently than those who have ‘health privilege’ (a term I … Continue reading

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