Fibromyalgia and the many faces of Covid

Headaches, sniffles, dry cough, watery eyes, aches all over, sometimes lack of concentration: Covid19? Fibromyalgia? Have you ever seen the advertisements for medications that cite side effects? I usually have them all even if I don’t take the medication. The question: how would I have known if I had Covid19 ? Perhaps if I had had a fever? That is the only symptom which I haven’t had that I could attribute to fibromyalgia.

Several people have told me that having fibromyalgia and imposing self isolation has not been all that difficult as that has been a long time habit. Feeling like an introvert has become a way of life in order to avoid excitement and too much stimulation. Anxiety and depression are part of our everyday lives with or without the worry about Covid19. Cold or hot weather in this pandemic, both of which increase fibromyalgia symptoms, have not affected us as much when we are in lockdown. We can watch the constant bad news on TV most of which seems to affect others, but not us directly, as we shut our doors along with hundreds of others. The general public has something in common with us now. We stay quietly in our homes, go out only for necessary items, avoid large gatherings, read, watch TV, search for information on the internet, see a few who are in our own ‘bubble’. Is this fibromyalgia or Covid19?

6 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and the many faces of Covid

  1. Malinda Weets

    Thank you for sharing. Ordering your book today. Hoping for insights and to possibly draw from others who live with Fibromyalgia.

  2. Sue

    Hi Barbara
    Your post describes exactly how I feel. I too have had all the symptoms you describe plus colds and allergies. I just don’t know anymore. I have had the first vax and will get the second in July. It has made me feel more confident, but I’m still not going out much at all. I do online shopping and have it delivered or go to Walmart and some nice person throws the groceries in the trunk of my car. I might be a natural recuse, but I do miss seeing the grandkids. As long as I know everyone is well, I’m ok.

    I was sleeping a lot more earlier in the spring, but seem to be over that now thank goodness. My current remedies include not thinking about my body complaints too much and vodka. Both seem to be working well for me.

    Maybe the fibromyalgia has made us stronger to cope with the covid restrictions.

    All the best Sue

  3. Peggy s. zINN

    sounds like allergies to me. You know our houses are full of germs and contaminates that linger even if we are the cleanest person in the world. My advice, take up photography, get out side away from people and take a mental health break. Funny thing about photography, when you focus on subjects in front the camera you focus less on what hurts. The challenge to creatively challenge yourself improves your mental health. Also clear your furnace ducks, change filters on furnace and open your house to let fresh air in. might see a reduction in those symptoms.

  4. Barbara Keddy Post author

    You know Sue: Covid has made us more of a recluse and more focused on our symptoms. I’m in a place where it is freezing cold one day and high temps and high humidity and those changes are tough on our bodies. But its the mind that needs taking care of!
    Best wishes,

  5. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Thanks Malinda: I really need to update that book and have begun on it but low energy has not helped with that process.
    Glad to hear from you!

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