Fibromyalgia and teary,painful eyes

“Of all the senses, sight must be the most delightful”, Helen Keller

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I have done it again! Developed a symptom even as long ago of a few years and did not think it was a fibromyalgia issue! When will I ever learn? Two years ago I had a dreadful pain in my eye. I rushed to the eye doctor who did many tests and could not find anything wrong with it. The next day it was gone. This week it came back and I had an ‘aha! moment’. Maybe it is a fibro flare-up?! Once more it lasted all day, even with putting in over the counter drops. It was as though someone was sticking something in my eye! This time I did a search and behold! Many people have intense pain in the eyes. I have had watery eyes in the past, tearing up embarrassingly. Is this fibro, I am now wondering? I am fairly certain it is and sorry that the doctor did not pick that up! I think we need a label on our foreheads to tell the world that we are unique and please treat us accordingly.

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