Fibromyalgia. Frustration.Forgiving.

“Forgiveness is the sweetest revenge”, Isaac Friedmann

Anger is not good for those of us with fibromyalgia. It activates our nervous systems to an unhealthy pitch and can bring about a flare-up. I personally have many anger issues that I struggle with, like  against: those who make war, kill others, abuse, steal, lie, are homophobic, sexist, racist,classist  and are not concerned about issues of social justice. Now I am angry with  a new breed of people, those who hack. My website was hacked by someone who doesn’t understand what it is to suffer from chronic pain, fatigue and a host of other symptoms that present us with daily challenges. Why this website? The people who write to me are those with day- to- day difficult living issues.

So, now after a few frustrating days, the site is up and running again and it is time to let go thinking of all those hackers out there. It is important to dismiss all anger that isn’t going to bring about social/political change and over which I have little control. So, I will stop being angry with you hackers out there. I forgive you for your mean mindedness.

Happy new year.


  1. Valda Garner says:

    I’m so sorry your Website was hacked. There are many mean spirited people in this world and putting ourselves out there on the Internet opens us up to those people and that involves taking a risk. But the alternative is to retreat and that isn’t a good option. Hackers and mean spirited people attempt to silence others. In spite of how difficult our chronic illness is, we keep moving forward and no one can silence us. I know that you have accomplished so much while you have been so sick and that is something no one can take away from you. I admire your persistence and fortitude and I enjoy reading your blog posts. You make the world a better place. Warmly, Valda

  2. Kathy says:


    I found your blog by accident and I am relating a lot to what I am reading. I see that December 23, 2012 is the last entry and there is mention of the site being hacked. Have you continued this blog at another address? I’ve never used a blog before and so I don’t completely understand this. I am going to order your book on Amazon. Please let me know if there is a place that I can continue to get information like this.


  3. Barbara Keddy
    Barbara Keddy says:

    Hi Kathy: Hope you are reading all the blogs I have written. They tell the story of my evolution of thinking over the years. I hope they are helpful, Kind regards, Barbara

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