Fibromyalgia and Transforming the Brain

“Mindsight is a kind of focused attention that allows us to see the internal workings of our own minds”, Daniel J. Siegel

While much has been written about the brain and the ways in which it can change , rewire itself, create new circuits, little has been written about the mind itself as the conduit for the brain. The majority of neuroscientists embrace the materialist theory that what can’t be seen or touched does not exist.

Lately however people like Dr. Beauregard in his book Brain Wars and others like Dr. Siegel are of the view that it is the mind that triggers the brain to function. For those who practice mindfulness meditation and have found that when there is more attention to bodily sensations on a moment-to moment basis, chronic pain can indeed become somewhat less problematic. As the name implies it is the mind that is involved with giving messages to the brain that we are in pain.

Although I once wrote that I too was a materialist and believed only that which could be seen and felt, I have come to a different state of mind, that is, I have changed my mind, and suggest now that if we can focus our minds through mindfulness meditation we can become more ‘clear minded’, calm and less quick to carry the message of pain to the brain. I haven’t lost my mind. I think I have found it!

2 thoughts on “Fibromyalgia and Transforming the Brain

  1. Valda Garner

    Hi! I always enjoy your blog posts. I just wrote about pain strategies too. I believe that so much of our brain’s and our mind’s capabilties have not been discovered yet. The power of our mind is able to overcome impossible obstacles. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 malignant melanoma 8 years ago and a number of doctors told him he was going to die. He didn’t believe he was going to die and he is alive and well today. He was treated with Interferon and chemo, but he beat all odds with the right attitude and the power of his mind. I’m hoping you are well! Happy Thanksgiving to you. Warmly, Valda

  2. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Thanks Valda! I also enjoy your comments! We Canadians celebrate our Thanksgiving at harvest season in October, so this is not our holiday. Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers!
    Your husband sounds like an amazing man!
    Best wishes,

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