Fibromyalgia: Pseudo-science and Woo Woo

“Science is like an inoculation against charlatans who would have you believe whatever it is they tell you”, Neil de Grasse Tyson

There are numerous claims made by those who practice or have beliefs in woo woo (irrational ideas based upon lack of scientific evidence) about various concoctions, herbs, homeopathic solutions (sugar pills) and other types of unscientific, unproven remedies or ‘therapies’ that will cure fibromyalgia. I admit to being biased towards that which has been tested scientifically, in spite of the fact that there can be horrendous mistakes made within the realm of science. However, there are two choices: ‘scientific medicine which is evidence based’ or ‘pseudo-science’ and not, in my view, ‘complementary/alternative medicine’ which has not been validated with rigour. But, I have not always been so discerning.

In the past I have spent hundreds of dollars on herbs, homeopathy, magnetic therapy… the list is endless. It is a very expensive path to follow. I believe I have tried them all and with no positive results, except perhaps temporarily due to the placebo effect. I speak from experience. Yet, I also know that allopathic medicine also does not have an answer for those of us with fibromyalgia, except through quieting our untamed nervous systems as shown from the ¬†brain research evidence. Some of us do somewhat better with some kinds of medication that help with pain, but they are not a cure. Drugs will not cure fibromyalgia and the search for them is futile.

Over the years I have become a fan of James Randi  and his exposition of all that is pseudo-science. I refer the readers to the James Randi Educational Foundation or While in his 80s he nonetheless is relentless in his desire to continue to uncover the ways in which those who espouse magic cures or treatments dupe the public. In particular homeopathy has been exposed as one of the primary culprits. We would do well to save our money and become the expert of our own lives, utilizing strategies that have been shown to change the brain, that will lead us down pathways that are more productive and certainly less expensive. Not easy when what we wish for is an easy fix from that homeopathic bottle of water!

I am also a big fan of scientist Neil de Grasse Tyson…obvious from the quote at the beginning of this blog. Do check him out. No woo woo from him or Randi, just the scientific facts!

“Science is the most powerful way of knowing”, David Suzuki

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