Fibromyalgia: Numbness, Tingling, Pins and Needles

” The world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming it”, Helen Keller

A condition called paresthesia results in numbness, tingling and pins and needles in the limbs, due to disturbances in the nerve pathways. Those of us with fibromyalgia have what is also known as peripheral neuropathy, most particularly in the legs. For me it is much worse at night and in my arms, rather than the legs. However, I also have many twitching new sensations in my legs as well, but the arms right now are worse. The result  is that I wake up several times during the night when an arm is ‘asleep’, numb with cold and actually hurting. When I am up for awhile, moving about the feeling comes back in my arm and I fall back asleep on the other side only to wake up an hour or two later with it on the other side. My sleep is very disturbed by this relatively new symptom. But, then I have developed pains in the knees this summer, another new symptom. Just as I think I have had them all, something new crops up. How discouraging. Like other sufferers of pain I live in fear that this new symptom will not disappear. While I am a great fan of Harriet Lerner it is this particular book which helps me the most.

It seems that peripheral neuropathy , that is pain mostly in legs, tingling of the extremities, pins and needles, numbness, “falling asleep” of legs or arms is quite common among those of us with fibromyalgia. The central nervous system, being always in a state of hyper-arousal is on high alert. Unlike others who are diabetic and have the same symptoms, those of us with FM do not have this constantly  as do diabetics, and is usually associated with a flare-up. It is time to stop, take stock of what is happening in our minds and work with our pain rather than struggle against it. Not an easy job!

I am very sleep deprived of late yet I dread going to bed knowing that a few hours later I will awaken with hurting arms. I do all the suggested right things: I take cal/mag supplements, a B12 supplement  under my tongue, and rub my arms with a camphor cream. I take an epsom salts bath before going to bed and apply heat to my neck during the day. I put a small pillow under my neck to support the area that is not on a pillow and I have the right pillow for my  upper body. I try to discipline myself to meditate each day and I also do some gentle movements of my arms often during the day. One particular stretch which does help somewhat is standing against the wall with my arms outstretched against the wall and my head against the surface with a forward look, but not jutting my chin outward, for one minute. I try not to struggle against the pain. QiGong is supposed to be good for this condition. Yet, in spite of all my good intentions the demon often persists. It isn’t often I write a blog with such whining but to-day after very little sleep and cold, wet, snowy weather (gasp! it isn’t even officially winter yet!), I feel entitled. Forgive me folks! The women in my book speak often about feeling guilty about complaining, but since our symptoms are so diverse and frequent, it isn’t easy to ignore them. So this is a blog about my newest struggle!

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  2. Barbara Keddy Post author

    December 9/09
    I just watched another PBS documentary on positive neuroplasticity (changing the brain) and now trying to figure out how to use this information to give messages to the brain that will allow me a better sleep! I do so envy people who say they ‘slept like a log’ (does a log sleep?!) since I don’t know what that feels like. I think in 10 years from now the neuroscience community working with plasticity will have so many answers for us. In the meantime…here’s wishing for some better nights!
    Barbara Keddy

  3. Diane

    I have had this same problem off and on for years. (23 yrs) I have CFS/FM and Hashimoto’s thyroiditis.
    It’s all so very frustrating for sure. Did physical therapy for awhile and learned some stretching exercises which helped.

    I am on day 2 of Metanx that my doc gave me for my numb feet. It’s by prescription and is a very high powered vitamin containing folic acid, B12 (equivalent to several shots) and other B vitamins that helps with blood flow to the nerve endings. It is being used with some success for peripheral neuropathy in diabetic patients. I have read of FM patients that are also being helped.

    So, I hope it will help my tingly arms that fall asleep as well as the numb toes. You might want to ask your dr about it.

    Hope this passes for you soon!

  4. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Diane: Thanks for the tip. Keep in touch and let us know if Metanx works for you! I am happy to know that this problem for you has been “off and on” and hope it is “off ” for me sometime soon! You are right…stretching is necessary, but only gentle stretches because anything too dramatic causes a flare-up!
    Kind regards, Barbara

  5. nursing assistant

    My partner and I really enjoyed reading this blog post, I was just itching to know do you trade featured posts? I am always trying to find someone to make trades with and merely thought I would ask.

  6. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Thanks for your interest, nursing assistant. Hopefully you will buy the book so that you can have a better understanding of fibromyalgia! Best wishes, Barbara

  7. Claire

    I have the exact same symptoms at night; I wake up with numb arms frequently, I can no longer lie on my side or rest my hands on my chest whilst on my back with out numbness occuring. I have no other conditions that I am aware of and I am 34 years old, female. Maybe i need to exercise my arms more in the day get the circulation flowing better? Good to know I m not the only one.

  8. Barbara Keddy Post author

    I wish I knew the answer, Claire. I think it is because we scrunch up our shoulders and pinch the nerves in our neck! I think we have to do neck and head exercises gently to release! Even then I believe that under stress we still have a tendency to lift our shoulders and tighten those muscles! Good luck! Barbara

  9. Carolyn

    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia many years ago and suffered every possible symptom related to this disease. The disease is slowly leaving but replaced with pins and needles as the muscles give way to the fibromyalgia. The pins and needles move in snake like fashion all over my body . I have gabapentin to give me rest and free from this very torterous new life. It never stops and I wake up unable to sleep because of all the vibration in my body.

  10. Nina

    Hi, my name is Nina. I am 31, and have been experiencing many symptoms of fibromyalgia, but unfortunately I don’t have health insurance. I’ve been going to the doctor, him and the nurse practitioner Know that I have it, but can’t “put it on paper” until I can go thru the elimination process of everything else. I found out that I have scoliosis two years ago directly after having my son…..the pain is/was overbearing! So just about 6 months ago I started having more&more things going on with me, which completely left me wondering what more it could be, because people with scoliosis don’t typically experience what I was experience, which is: severe back pain, knee pain, internally&externally (hurts when touched), tingling,numb&hurting foot&arm on my right side, fatigue&tiredness, feeling sad,headaches and soreness near my temples, forgetfulness, or just completely loosing my train of thought at times, irritability, occasional confusion, and SEVERE anxiety! I think alot of the feeling sad is because I don’t understand why I just turned 31 and going thru this….and because its hard to make others understand how you feel. I really just want to know if this is fibromyalgia or something else like ms. This all just happened, seems like once! My doctor had me try lyric which made me very moody, and gave me “Reynolds phenomena,” so I got off of that. Also I recently tried cymbalta and it made me severely sick, like I had the stomach flu, and it felt like my jaws were locked so after 1 pill I’m terrified to take anymore. Currently I’m on norco and occasionally I’ll take a 1/2 of flexiral before going to bed if I’m in SEVERE pain. I don’t want to just take pain medicine, I want to find more natural ways to feel better. Oh yeah, and I take vitamin d, “win” omega 3 fish oil, vitamin b-complex w/colic acid, and biotin everyday…..any ideas what else I should take to help me? Please help me figure out what’s wrong, and if these are common symptoms of fms?

  11. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Please dear Nina: Don’t take anything more! This dis-ease of ours is not life threatening and it is a matter of working very hard to change our brain pathways. Light exercise, even just walking and any other movement along with daily mindfulness meditation will help ‘change your brain’. Please read my book and other blogs in this regard.
    Remember you aren’t alone and pumping ourselves with supplements and medications will not cure this syndrome.
    We are the experts of our own lives; daily journalling will help you understand your flare-ups. Keep in touch.
    Kind regards,

  12. Deborah

    I was just wondering – besides all the symptoms you have all described, do any of you experience SEVERE heat in your hands? When I have flare-ups, like now at 12:50 a.m., my hands actually feel like they are on fire; like the blood is BOILING in them. SOOOO painful and seems to take forever to go away. I, too, do not have insurance & have not seen a dr. about this. I just go along with it until it eases. But it is the most uncomfortable thing ever. Many, many sleepless nights.

  13. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Hi Deborah: I don’t have that particular symptom but fibromyalgia presents such a multitude of symptoms I bet some of our readers can let us know if they have this particular one!
    Best wishes,

  14. Beth V.

    I have many symptoms of fibromyalgia. I was wondering if anyone has chronic lightheadedness? I have had mri’s and inner ear testing all of which were negative. It ‘is mostly when I am standing or sitting but is relieved when I lay down. Any input would be appreciated!

  15. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Bev: I too have suffered from lightheadedness especially when under high stress. It seems it is another symptom of our over stimulated nervous system. Welcome to the website. Keep in touch, Barbara

  16. Jan

    I was diagnosed 14 yrs ago ANA positive auto immune thyroid hoshimoto . Over the years wirking 2 jobs at schools with kids…I got sicke every year …this last year severe fatigue….weak and sinus infection (dry) and dizziness…..then began numbness pins anf needles in groin and upper left leg to knee feeling tight and cold. Now 2 months later it had spread to both legs…feet …buttoks lower stomach. This never goes away like some people are posting. Many doctors and tests snf ($) and no one gives me an answer. It is difficult to walk now feels like a pair of pants sandpaper and needles and socks. I jave ha sbdominal ultrasoung …xrays…and ct of abdominal. The pills suggested have scarey sideeffects and I am terrified of pills.//thedifference is I have no pain….unless you mean a soreness which I always live with…..can you have fibtomyaligia no.bad pain? Sometimes i feel stabbing electric pain

  17. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Jan: you can fell all kinds of pain with fibro…electrical shocks, dull achy, sharp shooting, stabbing, the list is endless. Most of us have felt them all. Very frightening but at least not life threatening. To stay calm and say to it:” well, here you are again. Go away for the rest of the day”, or some other such message is often helpful. Meditating and still moving about in spite of the pain is a good strategy.
    Very best wishes,

  18. Jan

    Thankyou Barbara….I am frustrated because the tightness and pins and needles is not going away at all. I am not taking meds because the side effects are very scarey. I havent bern fully diagnosed….

  19. Erin

    Yes, I have this very annoying symptom too! I didn’t sleep well at all last night because my arms kept falling asleep. How are you doing now, Barbara? Has the nighttime paresthesia gotten any better?

  20. Jan

    In response to the pins and needles…this Oct will be one year since I began feeling that in my groin ..then traveled down my left leg to my foot….stayed then my right leg weeks later traveled from the foot up yo the while right leg…some around the rear but that is gone. I feel I have a pair of pants on that are filled with sand and thick shoes filled with sand. I was diagnosed with autoimmune disease and chronic fatigue over 15 yrs ago with ANA POSITIVE..under active thyroid …worked 2 jobs for 39 yrs in the school system with kids and would always catch what they had because of the low immune system…therefore always out if sick days. I can’t have an MRI due to chlostripobia and a metal post in my mouth. They sent me to SF for Ms testing but this involves MRI…but I was told in the begining I had fibromyalgia from my rhemotologist. I do not take pills at all …I’m against the side effects And don’t have pain from this…just the sand feelings and weakness on the legs. It never leaves which MS does….so please anyone that had this please give me your in put. I am retired now and 59….thank you

  21. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Jan: I know that feeling with regard to my legs. They ache constantly, especially at is burning, twitching, not stop pain. I wish I had answers for you. Our nervous systems are constantly hyper aroused! Best wishes to you, barbara

  22. Joan

    I have this too.. I started having it after a hot a flu shot about 2 years ago .. It’s made all my other symptoms worse.. I have the burning skin .. Feels like I have a really bad sunburn and I have woke up with my arms hands or leg asleep.. Tingling feelings it’s awful not sure what doctor to see for this.. Anybody out there what have you tried?

  23. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Hi Joan:
    I have never had flu shots as I suspect they would cause a flare-up withing me as I am so sensitive to many things. Others (with fibromyalgia) have had flu shots and been ok. But that tingling in the arms and lefs are dreadful, I agree. Mocing around helps of course but sometimes they last for awhile even after moving. I doubt that anyone can do much about it as movment is something we all have to deal with on our own.
    Good luck!

  24. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear John Orr: Do you have a diagnosis of fibromyalgia? I am not a big fan of supplements. It would seem to me you might find some relief with soaks of hot water for your hands, self massaging them and finding out the ( if possible).
    Good luck with this,

  25. Tracy Birch

    Barbara, this past spring I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and small fibro neurosis. This all comes 13 years after a car accident and doctors telling me I would eventually get fibromyalgia. Recently I have developed the numbness which at times makes it scary to walk. I am a pre k teacher and a mother of a 3 year old. I have been staying away from the medications because it makes me feel worst then I do on good days. I was wondering of you had any advice on helping the numbness while I am at work. My day can’t stop moving because of this new symptom but there is no specific time when it happens. Any help would be great.

  26. Kat

    I also had a lot of stiffness and pain in my arms when the symptoms of fibromyalgia first presented in my mid-fifties. I have gotten great improvement and was able to get off disability and back to work from the protocol of a couple of doctors — 1] Dr. Paul St. Amand: he wrote a book about reversing the symptoms with his protocol: “What your Doctor may not tell you about Fibromyalgia”, and I’m using his guaifenesin treatment.

    2] Genetic testing (Detoxigenomic profile) and treatment prescribed by an Environmental specialist M.D. Turns out I’m missing the liver enzyme that detoxes heavy metals and certain chemicals, and apparently this is a common gene mutation. Mercury buildup in the body (from silver fillings in teeth or eating too much of the wrong types of fish) can cause neurological symptoms. When mercury toxicity is combined with lead toxicity, the negative effects multiply. My M.D. prescribed chelation treatment to remove heavy metals from my body, and the hand stiffness and pain in my arms mostly went away. It took about 25 to 30 treatments for these results, but I have my life back and can work again. And little pain in my arms and hands. Look up Doctors of Functional medicine, or Environmental medicine if you are interested in this treatment.

    3] A naturopathic endocrinologist prescribed low-dose hydrocortisone from a compounding pharmacy for pain, and it helps a lot.

    These are a couple of unconventional approaches, but they seem to be working for me. During the past 5 years, I’ve been steadily recovering my health.

    I strongly recommend seeing an Environmental M.D. I credit him the most with my recovery. C. Everett Coop said around 2001 that virtually all illness is a result of our genes interacting with the environment. Our environment today is so toxic and wreaks havoc in our bodies, and an Environmental M.D. is trained to help reverse some of this damage.
    Here’s a link to the M.D. who is helping me:
    If you are interested in this approach, there is some useful info on his site.

  27. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Kat:
    While I am not a fan of these unconventional methods and am wary of those who profess to have the answers, many have ideas that are possibly helpful. It is always difficult to know if it is the placebo that is working or in fact, someone has actually found a ‘cure’ that is biological instead of psycho-social in nature. My view is that the central nervous system is in a state of hyperarousal in the highly anxious, highly sensitive person and the main ways in which we can find relief is to look within. But, I am always open to those who have other ideas and hope that their research done in experimental studies do lend themselves to credibility and is evidence based.
    We are always looking for answers to help us in this journey and I hope that yours has been successful.
    Kind regards,

  28. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Tracy:
    It is indeed a difficult journey for those who are still in the work force and at a very productive stage of life with small children, and in your case at home and work too! Because I believe that fibromyalgia is caused by a personality that is highly sensitive, easily stressed and anxious the only ways in which I can see relief is to practice self calming routines such as yoga, meditation, light exercise before beginning a work day. In my view the only recourse is to begin our journey through self discovery— the things that make you highly anxious, the ways in which you know help you feel more calm, reduce activities that create more excitement than you can handle.
    I realize this is difficult for someone who has a responsible, somewhat chaotic home and work environment ( children do make life exciting!). I wish I had a magical wand that could help you learn these relaxing techniques for which you no doubt have little time for in your busy day. Unfortunately we have to become the expert of our own lives.
    Your condition is not life threatening and catastrophic thinking which those of us with fibromyalgia experience often leads us to expect the worst.
    I have a strategy which I practice: I name the symptom, for example “Hortense” is the name I have chosen for pain, and instead of fighting it I talk to her, not angrily, but letting her know she is trying to alert me to the feelings I have and I thank her. Often I have tingling of the arms and I give her/him a name and say “Listen here Joe, I know you’re trying to tell me to loosen my shoulders and pay attention to my stress level so please back off for now and I will practice some deep breathing. Check back with me in a few hours and in the meantime, Joe, take a hike”. 🙂 Sounds kooky, I know, but it works for me! Instead of struggling with the symptom, I acknowledge it and in that way I give my brain another message. Fearing the worst is easy for me so it takes practice.
    I hope this helps! Try it, what have you got to loose?
    Best wishes,

  29. Jann Michelle

    I want to say prayers for all that suffer from chronic pain! It’s a life shacker. I have had fibro now over 24 years I have every pain, tingle, ache, over heating, freezing of the feet, sandpaper on my skin, stomach problems, muscle contracting in my legs, stomach, butt, my face!! And my heart it got so bad I was rushed to hospital took to ICU’ my heart Dr. Said your heart is all I’ve the chart. He was very concern they did the going thru groin check my heart. It was ok, he ask me some questions he came in sit on the side of my bed an we talked like I was the only patient in the world (caring) told him I have had fibro’ for many, many years. Dr. Keep me over night came bk next morning he had done research’ guess what? My heart problems was very relayed to my fibro …. It was a relief in a way. No Heart Attack thank God. But it is very scary I didn’t know if anyone knew of this’ if so would love to hear your story also.
    Gentle huggssss for my Fibro’ Family … My God bless, n keep you from so much pain. Oh’ I do take Cymbalta’ n low narrcotic’ I have RA, DDD, Osteoporosis’ high BP’ #2 diabetes sever anxiety also.

  30. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Hi Jann:
    It is true that anxiety can often mimic heart issues. I am happy you had it checked out and have a great caring doctor. Many people with anxiety and panic believe they are having a heart attack when they become fearful and it is always wise to see a doctor immediately. We do face our challenges with the many confusing symptoms we experience but there is hope if we can work with our fears. Gentle exercise, eating properly, keeping a calm environment when possible are all part of a regime we need in our lives.
    Very best wishes and I am happy you were not having heart issues!

  31. Alison

    I just want to say thank you. You keep reminding us that despite this disease being life changing, it’s not deadly. Suffering my second flare up and I need that reminder.

  32. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Hi Alison: I have been having pins and needles in my arms and hands every night lately and often during the day. It is so aggravating.
    I need comments from people like you to remind me to practice what I preach! Thank You!!!

  33. Bethanie Goodson

    Hi Barbara, I stumbled upon your blog this morning. I have been suffering severely with fibromyalgia for a year and a half. Fibro is very debilitating for me. Do you really think that it is possible to mentally convince your brain to turn this disease around?

  34. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Oh, dear Bethanie: I do hope so! The discipline it takes can be overwhelming though. It doesn’t happen overnight. Fibro is very debilitating for us all, so you aren’t alone. By the way it isn’t a disease, but a dis-ease of the nervous system. Please keep in touch. Read the comments of others who have many suggestions to offer. rest, mild exercise, meditation, eating properly and avoiding stress which is a biggie. Talk therapy is an excellent way to understand how this condition developed within us!

  35. samantha

    I am new to this fibro thing and researching as much as i can. This blog is greatly insightful, im so glad to see i dont suffer alone.

  36. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Hi Samantha! For some reason the tingling, numbness and pins and needles is much worse this month for me. I believe it is coming from the neck and the way in which I scrunch up my shoulders under stress. Right now typing is difficult for my hands which are currently both numb. You are not alone!

  37. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Sharon: A few readers have suggested this as well. I shall try it immediately and report on it in a month! Thanks for the tip.
    Best wishes,

  38. Terry Basli

    Dear Barbara, I have had fibromyagia symptoms over the last 20 years. The last few years I have suffered with mostly arm pain and shoulder pain on the tops of my shoulders, tmj, and often when it flares up lower ris under my breasts and chest pains mostly in the muscles covering the top of the chest near the soulders. And the neck sometimes. Has anyone also mention this ? It’s so scary. I try not to get anxiuos but its really hard. Is this a symptom of fibromyalghia?
    Thanks in advance for a help and assistance. I plan on getting your book.

  39. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Terry: Yes, I have those exact symptoms. It was ironic that I would have read your comment on the very day I too was experiencing that same phenomenon. It is more frightening for me as I had a heart attack four years ago and though I am used to his peculiar symptom and it is always on my left side, I still become anxious. I have started to wonder why since all these strange occurrences come from the central nervous system, why only in particular places or one side? It is frustrating indeed. It is always sensible to have it checked out, particularly to make sure it is not heart related, but in my case it appears it is not! I usually spend the day at its height wrapped in heating pads on my neck and left rib cage, taking an extra dose of Gabapentin. It generally subsides after a day or wo but sometimes longer. It is one of the worst symptoms I experience.
    Be strong,

  40. Amanda

    Thanks for this info! I’m currently experiencing the tingling all over my body (mainly legs) during the day and hands falling asleep while sleeping. I’m a bit groggy during the day, but usually try to work through it. I’ve been through a brain, cervical and thoracic MRI with and without contrast, EMGs and blood tests galore to rule out things like MS. Everything came back fine except for a positive ANA. I’m assuming it’s something auto-immune and have a rheumatologist appointment coming up in January. I feel like it may be fibromyalgia as I’ve had neck pain since I was 19 and have been treated by a chiropractor for mild scoliosis, stenosis and degenerative disc disease on and off for over 10 years. I’ll keep visiting this site to see any updates! It helps to know I’m not alone!

  41. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Amanda: I have recently found that a roll under my neck while sleeping along with the medical marihuana oil which I have just started taking have helped tremendously. Please see my latest blog on medical marijuana and would welcome comments!

  42. Eireann Mannion

    I’m so glad for people like you all!
    I’m in the middle of a huge flare up I think, 8
    I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia 6 years ago and to be honest, fibromyalgia has been hell for me, it’s normally flared up when I am going through significant stress in my life, I finally fell asleep earlier and to my surprise I awoke with two completely numb arms , pins and needles in both as I write this, I’ve also bedn having this constant dull ache in my chest , it’s just basically always there, the other day I became so frightened with this humbleness I called and ambulance, they traced my heart and basically said it was abnormal, I got rushed to hospital to find out I was fine, I have come to my own conclusion that it’s the Fibromyalgia, I’m under a lot of stress st the moment and it makes sense for it to flare now, if not for this thread I would of rang an ambulance again due to being so scared, thank you guys 🙂

  43. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Eireann: Like you my flares occur under stress. If you live where medical marijuana is available perhaps it would help you especially with sleep. Ready last blog for more info.
    It is so difficult to differentiate fibro from other more serious conditions like a heart attack that it is little wonder you called an ambulance.
    Take good care,

  44. Lisa

    I have just been diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I was so stressed because I didn’t know what was happening to my body. I haven’t had pain all over; but my hips ache constantly on both sides and I have the dull aches in my legs and arms. Do any of you get scared when your walking and feel like your legs are going to go out on you? My anxiety goes through the roof. My arms go to sleep at night too.

  45. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Dear Lisa:
    We all become frightened when faced with too many challenging mobility issues. We are frequently off balance, dizzy and achy all of which make us feel frail at times. The secret I think is to talk to our fears and tell them to go rest somewhere and we’ll deal with them tomorrow. Name your fear/anxiety and speak to her directly! Anxiety is the main contributing emotion that causes a flare up! Then, we have these weird sensations that are unusual and frightening. You are not alone. Meditation, mild exercise and if lucky enough to live in a country where medical marijuana oil is legal, do try some! it has helped stabilize me quite a bit!

  46. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Hi Sally: It seems as though those of us with itching as a main complaint of fibromyalgia itch everywhere and the scalp is another primary source of irritation.

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  48. Sue Shannon

    Dear Barbara
    Thank you so much for all the information on this site. I’m had pins and needles in my arms for the past few days which are new for me. I googled for info and found your amazing site.I’m 77 and was diagnosed with fibromyalgia about ten years ago, although I think i have had all kinds of symptoms since my early 20’s. New symptoms are always scary, so it is wonderful to find a site that helps to identify them. Thanks again. Keep well and happy. Sue

  49. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Thanks Sue:I too am your age and it isn’t an easy struggle!I have learned that the tingling and pins and needles is carpal tunnel syndrome and am debating having surgery.One more challenge! Like you I now know that my symptoms actually began as a child!
    Loved hearing from you.
    Kind regards,

  50. Patricia Marie Boardman

    Thanks for the blog Barbara! Sometimes I have to remind myself that there are others. I have had aching arms and legs since I was 7 at least and I’m almost 64. It’s scary sometimes when I feel like I am dying but of course I’m not. I exercise and am proactive. Stress is the worst. My husband left me with 4 kids to raise by myself at 35. I have yet to get my career going. So it is very hard to do everything without any money or family to help. But I am slowly trying each day. I have many goals to accomplish and I don’t want to die. I love life and my children and grandchildren. My stories will be my new children! Thanks for putting this up. It helps to find others and know I’m not alone. I will deal with my illness in one of my writing projects. The Edwardian Tourist in My Attic!

  51. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Thank you Patricia. You are right- stress and anxiety over these challenges are even as bad as the actual aching.I am not surprised you have fibro given the struggles you have had since you were 35. There is little doubt in my mind that you are a strong, highly sensitive woman and a survivor. These arm tinglings and pins and needles certainly interfere with sleep and for sitting too long at the computer! I wish you all the best in your 64th year. You are not alone,

  52. anita

    love this site, particularly, the reminder that Fibro is not life threatening, sure seems to be sometimes.
    i am 78,,, and i know the source of my fibro….three yrs ago. a family members mental attack on me, was more than my mind could handle. soon after, fibro began, but has worsened, so i am trying everything to beat it, and i know i will.
    for now, im on persocet,,,truly keeps me on the move.
    but nighttime is my problem.
    i wake to butt burning, upper arms burning throbbing, and my body pulsating. frightening,i have nightmares where i am always helpless,,
    my brain wakes before my body does, but i know in my mind that once i get up and moving these symptoms will disappear, then i take the persocet, and go on with my life,
    my doc feels i should go on medical maraj,, so am looking into that. in the meantime, im using the cannibus oil, just one week so far, , and it does help…not as well as persocet tho. altho i am considering just using that and no pills,,, when i hav several days days to be at home.
    i am definitely planning to get off the med as soon as i can, and WILL.
    mind over body is important.
    ive had many many serious body problems, and learn to live with most of them, be around fun friends, and laff a lot.
    my heart breaks for all the bloggers, its so different for each one of us, prayer is also a BIG help. He is there to help us thru these, “thorns in our sides”
    i pray for each one of you as i read your blogs, and ask Gods mercy on us all.
    thank you Barbara for this site,
    God bless us all. we can conquer this.

  53. Barbara Keddy Post author

    Thank you Anita: It is certainly a struggle and a challenge that we face on a daily basis especially as we age and the energy just isn’t there anymore. I hope the CBD oil helps. It has for me. Keep in touch,

  54. Patricia Boardman

    I’ve had lupus and fibromyalgia since I was at least 8 years old. Now have rheumatoid arthritis. Exercise is so important. It’s very difficult my pain is so high. I did fasting and supplements in my twenties. And Barbara is right it’s a waste of money. I have juiced and being healthy is most important. But I can say for sure that people who say mercury in your teeth or metals in your body are quacks. Don’t listen to them. I had all my fillings replaced for cosmetic reasons. I have so much fm pain in my teeth. I feel like they all must be black and rotten but they are fine. Anyway removing all the old fillings did nothing. I have a tens unit and a ultrasound machine which I couldn’t live without.

  55. Saundra Green

    I’m putting “She said it was just the Fibromyalgia” on my tombstone. Have to laugh, after 40 years of all the symptoms. I’m 81 now and still ignoring what I can.

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